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At this moment, there aren't correct languages names in this category... correct names of languages can see in this official doccument. --Treisijs (overleg) 16 aug 2017 23:25 (CEST)

At this moment, mostly there are genitive plural form of nationalities. --Treisijs (overleg) 16 aug 2017 23:27 (CEST)
Thank you for pointing this out. I will look into it, but it may take some time before I get to make the corrections. --MarcoSwart (overleg) 17 aug 2017 10:09 (CEST)
Treisijs: As predicted, it took some time, but now all genitive plural forms are properly described and link to the full language name. In the process nearly all names in the document you provided above have been added too. --MarcoSwart (overleg) 24 mrt 2019 10:16 (CET)
Excellent work. Seems, at this moment all is correct. --Treisijs (overleg) 24 mrt 2019 10:26 (CET)