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Is  's-Gravenhage    (hulp, bestand) = /ˌsχravənˈɦaχə/,
are sound files for /ˌsχravəˈɦaχə/, /ˌsxraːvənˈɦaːɣə/, /ˌsxraːvəˈɦaːɣə/ missing? - 26 jan 2018 07:24 (CET)

The sound file is indeed closest to the pronunciation in Noord-Nederlands. The IPA representations we offer are phonemic op Wikipedia (en), so there is no one-on-one relationship with the sound files. The variations between χ, x and ɣ are typical for the difference between Noord-Nederland and Vlaanderen-Brabant-Limburg. The ə(n) is an extremely frequent feature of Dutch. It does not denote that there are two clearly different ways to pronounce it. Generally in normal speech it barely audible unless the speaker sees the need to articulate very clearly. Before vocals and h it is more audible than before consonants. On the other hand there are regions where normally the schwa is dropped and the n is clearly audible. So ə(n) in fact denotes more a continuum of possible forms. We have at least one sound file for almost each of over 300.000 Dutch word forms. We presently simply lack the manpower to add all regional variants in pronunciation. --MarcoSwart (overleg) 26 jan 2018 13:32 (CET)