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Hi MarcoSwart!

Thanks [[user:MarcoSwart|MarcoSwart]]! Please give me some time to answer properly. [[Pythagorese]] [[drietallen]] is one issue I want to adress in as many languages as possible. Beside new images I also want to create the [http://www.unicode.org/iso15924/iso15924-codes.html ISO15924] variants of these images too mainly with [[numeral]]s [[from India]]. Beside other things I try to fix [[c:file talk:SystemScript 004.svg|:SystemScript 004.svg]] which misbehaves in a lot of language. I am involved in the development and testing of a few new gadgets see / follow [[m:user:{{PAGENAME}}/global.js]]. And I newly discovered 175 [[w:en:Yiddish songs|Yiddish songs]] at [https://yi.wikisource.org/?curid=29# yi.wikisource.org] which I should add to Wikidate / include at Wikidate. Regards<br/> ~~~~

I added my goals ai my meta user page which is transcluded at most languages where I have an account. Regards
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