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  • IPA: /kɑˈplɑʔ/, /kæpˈlæʔ/
Woordherkomst en -opbouw



  1. een zin gebruikt voor het wensen van succes voor iemand
    • 2000, Brian Proffitt, Add Red Hat Linux 7 to your Windows desktop in a weekend, Prima Tech, ISBN 0761528512, page 133:
    • 2000, Jacqueline Guest, Rookie Season, James Lorimer & Company, ISBN 1550287249, page 5:
      Tina shrugged her shoulders, nodding helplessly. She was beat. “Qapla!” she said, grinning back at Leigh. / “Success!” Leigh laughed, translating the word from the alien Klingon language[…]
    • 2003, L. A. Graf et al, Day Of Honor: The bestselling Klingon™ saga—complete in one volume!:
      “Well, in that case, good luck and—er—Qapla'.”
    • 2004, Jacqueline Guest, Racing Fear, James Lorimer & Company, ISBN 9781550288384, 5:
      Thank you for all the years of patiently being there, especially on those dark and stormy nights when things detonated unexpectedly and I needed rescuing yet again. Qapla'!
    • 2004, Trey Parker, Matt Stone, and Pam Brady, Team America: World Police, Paramount Pictures
      Sean Penn: Qapla’!
    • 2005 October 19-21, Andrew Chalmers, “Hurd is where I hide.”, AUUGN 2005: Conference Proceedings, Sydney, page 145:
      Go forth and hack, Qapla!
    • 2009, Greg Cox, The 4400, Welcome to Promise City, Simon and Schuster, ISBN 1416543228, page 187:
      Unable to resist a sudden temptation, he threw out his arm in a Klingon salute. / “Qapla’!” / He vanished into the photo on his phone.