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Welcome to the Dutch wiktionary, dubaduba, I hope you'll entertain you here. But there is one thing you have to know;
it is necessary to use our templates here. Other users have lots of work to make your contributions to the standards here. Do not make direct interwiki-links to the Hungarian translation, but make the page and make an interwiki there. Use our templates -nl- (for Nederlands (Dutch)), -noun- (for Zelfstandig naamwoord (noun)) and -trans- (for Vertalingen (translations)). In fact, it is also a requirement to make a definition in the Dutch language here, under the title Zelfstandig naamwoord and beginning with the entry in black and a dash, but if you don't speak our language it isn't of course necessary. Greets, S.V.E.T. 27 nov 2004 12:52 (UTC)

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