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The definition here is not entirely true. Ţările de Jos means Netherlands (Holland), Belgium and Luxembourg. All three of them form Ţările de Jos, and not just one. --KlaudiuMihăilă Boodschap 5 jun 2006 21:05 (CEST)

We call that de Nederlanden (plural). So what do you call Nederland? And I don't mean Holland because that is only a part of Nederland.

OK, sorry, my bad. I confused them a little bit. In Romanian this name is confusing. Usually, people use Olanda for the Netherlands, and Ţările de Jos would represent Benelux. I have done some digging and found out the truth. Sorry again! --KlaudiuMihăilă Boodschap 5 jun 2006 22:24 (CEST)
This is an endless source of confusion and certainly not your fault Jcwf 6 jun 2006 16:11 (CEST)