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English: 24-by-24-inch (600 mm × 600 mm) Washington state highway route marker.
Datum (UTC)
Bron Washington State Department of Transportation
Auteur Fredddie, originally by PHenry, et al


Public domain This file is in the public domain because it comes from the Washington Modification to the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices, sign number M1-601, which states that "WSDOT adopted the [ Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices] 2009 on November 17, 2011. The MUTCD 2009 and Washington Modification are effective for use in Washington beginning December 19, 2011." The federal MUTCD states specifically on its page I-1 that:
Any traffic control device design or application provision contained in this Manual shall be considered to be in the public domain. Traffic control devices contained in this Manual shall not be protected by a patent, trademark, or copyright, except for the Interstate Shield and any other items owned by FHWA.

No modifications supersede this provision of the MUTCD in Washington.



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huidige versie27 aug 2018 06:41Miniatuurafbeelding voor de versie van 27 aug 2018 om 06:41600 × 600 (10 kB)Fredddie
19 mrt 2006 07:13Miniatuurafbeelding voor de versie van 19 mrt 2006 om 07:13600 × 600 (6 kB)PHenryRoute shield for Washington State Route 800 {{GFDL}} Category:Washington state route shields

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