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Welcome to Wikiwoordenboek, the Dutch wiktionary. I hope you will have a good time here :) ZiekenhuisNl 9 mei 2005 17:24 (UTC)

Thanks for the plural: pt. didnt have it ;=)


What is "WOW!" in Portugese? Jcwf 29 aug 2010 04:37 (CEST)Reageren

Nothing. It's not Portuguese. Maybe it's the English interjection when someone is amazed? Malafaya 29 aug 2010 04:41 (CEST)Reageren
muinto engraçado... Jcwf 29 aug 2010 04:45 (CEST)Reageren

reposted: We normally put the ISO639-3 code of pages like Riffijns and Minangkabaus for proper identification. They are rif and min. one spoken in Marocco (and in Holland and Belgium) the other on Sumatra (and maybe a little bit in Holland) Jcwf 31 aug 2010 01:56 (CEST)Reageren

Hi Malafaya
I have been putting in links to pt, but also a few other sites like ru. Can you let you bot run here again? Jcwf 22 sep 2010 02:01 (CEST)Reageren
Running: synchronizing both locally and externally. And thank you very much for your effort :) Malafaya 22 sep 2010 18:33 (CEST)Reageren
Nice harvest! Jcwf 22 sep 2010 22:30 (CEST)Reageren


I think people have just copied the Dutch template. We have three primitive ("stam") tenses. All other forms can be derived from them. A more or less complete table is put on a separate page. (Eg. waarnemen/vervoeging). The idea is to not have too much clutter on the main page. As you may have noticesd we have all the dropdowns open as default, because people felt that visitors may simply not realize there is a lot of info hidden under them.

Does pt have more primitive tenses? Ancient Greek e.g. has six and I put that in the template (-grcstam- I think). Feel free and modify. Jcwf 23 sep 2010 02:11 (CEST)Reageren

missing cats[bewerken]

Actually there is only ten or so that are referred to more than ten times. Ones that are called only once or twice we often leave open until the need arises (i.e. more entries occur). And no we do not desperately need more cats. We already have a little less than 5000 without iw's. Jcwf 28 sep 2010 18:50 (CEST)Reageren


Romaine is its mistress, not me ;-). Besides I think it has been run once so far. Virgin territory and such. I did notice also that a number of cat that have a link to pt: did get a "no iw" tag. I'm not sure how Romaine did it but I think the bot looked at the presence of en and fr: iw's only. Nevertheless the help category is a useful one as is Jcwf 29 sep 2010 02:48 (CEST)Reageren


Curious had some problems with cats: some of them seem to occur in pairs: a latin based name like Jioloji and a Turkic one. Maybe talk to Curious? Jcwf 21 jun 2011 00:17 (CEST)Reageren

Yes, e.g. this that


There is very little of that and no template Jcwf 23 jun 2011 01:06 (CEST)Reageren

Dank. Malafaya 23 jun 2011 01:07 (CEST)Reageren


Annabel's tool makes is possible to copy all the translations at other wikti's, say the English one, paste them here and then convert them all to our format. It works for a number of other wikti's. Alternatively you can take the translations of a term at wikipedia edit them a bit and reformat them here. The latter is dangerous though because wikipedia iw's are seldom exact. Jcwf 22 okt 2011 03:35 (CEST)Reageren

Have a look at how I used it for majesteit.