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Welcome on WikiWoordenboek. Thanks for pointin out イタリア語. It has been changed !! GerardM 14 sep 2004 04:57 (UTC)

user account[bewerken]

Would you please create a user account, it makes it so much easier to communicate with you and to appreciate what you are doing. Thanks, GerardM 14 sep 2004 12:21 (UTC)


You have added a word to uitspraak, is one of them traditional/simplified if so, which one ?? GerardM 1 okt 2004 07:30 (UTC)

發音 is the traditional, 发音 is the simplified.— 1 okt 2004 07:43 (UTC)
Have a look at uitspraak; this is how I destinguish between traditional and simplified Chinese.. GerardM 9 okt 2004 08:16 (UTC)


I do not understand what you added 英語 above the 英語 article. This has no purpose to a Dutch speaker and as such it will be removed. However, when I understand what you try to say, I may find another way to give it its place. GerardM 9 okt 2004 08:13 (UTC)
All words that compounded Chinese characters, have to link to single characters, in 英語, link to 英 and 語.— 9 okt 2004 13:51 (UTC)
Two questions; please create yourself a login; it makes it easier to talk to you AND it is will ensure that you keep the same name. This can not be reasonably be expected of IP numbers.
Have you had a look at アブナキ語 ??
As to 英語, it has two characters each character has its own meaning but combined they are the translation for Engels, when you want to define the individual parts, you do not break them up in the definition line of the translation. In the layout for a word, first the language is defined, and all the rest follows from that. I think the individual characters can be presented as related words. I will change this text as an example. GerardM 10 okt 2004 08:04 (UTC)
"えいご, eigo" is unclear to me. What is the meaning of this ?? GerardM 10 okt 2004 08:06 (UTC)


We already met on en.wiktionary.org. You seem to be able to hold on to that IP-address pretty well. Is it static? Most people's IP-addresses change all the time. It would make life a lot easier for us, if you would create yourself a nick. It's not hard. If you need instructions, please tell. All you need to do is click on aanmelden/log in and fill out the edit boxes. It's very straightforward. A name is a lot easier to remember than a number and a lot less confusing.

Many thanks and welcome to this Wiktionary! Polyglot 13 dec 2004 20:17 (UTC)