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Special thanks to the fr:wiktionary for many translations. I have not used some, as I really want to have content written in the characters as used in that language. We do not want transliterations. GerardM 31 jan 2005 22:03 (UTC)

  • Hungarian thank you is: köszönöm or thank you very much is: köszönöm szépen
Cheers, CsTom from .hu


Besides köszönöm (szépen), an informal form is used very often: kösz, similarily to English thank you (very much) and thanks. -- 12 sep 2005 04:55 (UTC)


In Turkish: Teşekkür ederim (No literal translations of "Thank you." We say "I do thanks" in Turkish.)

Saw the request at Meta, if I'm doing something wrong/at the wrong spot (I don't know any Dutch), please ignore this.

Cheers. (en:User:MonsterOfTheLake / tr:Kullanıcı:MonsterOfThelake / Oct 30 13:07 ETC)

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