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I am perfect in English (see me on English Wiktionary; but I am just a Dutch beginner. I am trying to translate old Dutch diaries from 1950's. Here are words and idioms found in the texts, that I would like to see added to the Wiktionary, if legitimate. You can also contact me on my talk page. Ik ben perfect in het Engels (zie mij op Engelse Wiktionary; maar ik ben slechts een Nederlandse beginner. Ik probeer oude Nederlandse dagboeken uit de jaren 50 te vertalen. Hier zijn woorden en uitdrukkingen in de teksten, die ik graag zou willen zien toegevoegd aan de U kunt ook contact met mij opnemen op mijn overlegpagina.

2021 research[bewerken]

He He with accents on the e : why would someone repeat He He? Does this translate to English as hey hey, hee hee (giggling), or ha ha (the last one means laughter)?

  • The type of accents does matter: it could be an unofficial form of hèhè, an interjection that expresses relief or just a repetition of to draw attention. --MarcoSwart (overleg) 5 mrt 2021 13:16 (CET)his appears

jonge jonge - at the beginning of some entries, sort of like an introduction.

You are excellent, thank you . I also just found this explanation: tsjonge jonge jonge - tsjonge-jonge-jonge

2020 research[bewerken]

You can help by adding any words missing on below lists to the Wiktionary -if legitimate words.

je schaamt je dood - translation: you're so ashamed you could die? - a conjugation of doodschamen --yes

zich een pukkel gelachen- literally: "laughed themself a pimple"; (idiom) laughing so hard you get pimples -- like ROFL

gezwaai - waving, used as a noun. DONE -- a lot of verbs form neuter ge+stem nouns, usually slightly derogatory, often indicating excessive actions

lag dubbel, translated: "lied down double"; (idiom) to laugh a whole lot (bending yourself so much you'd seem to be in 2 parts. -- ROFLMAO, to be in stitches

niet kunnen luchten of zien, literally "hate to smell or see" -- yes

nu en na* - now and after (probably like 'again and again', 'all the time') -- new to me

This is not a common phrase. After the preposition "na" a noun, pronoun or nominal phrase is expected, e.g. nu en na de vakantie = "now and after the holidays"; there is an expression nu en dan: "now and then, sometimes"

slapen als een roos - translated: to sleep like a rose; figuratively, to sleep soundly -- yes

ietsepietsje - a little bit. English translation - itsy bitsy DONE --ok

uitscheiden - to 'separate out’ or to disengage DONE -- to exude

moordbrief - (literal) death letter; (idiom) a killer letter, as in a wonderful letter -- the moord- prefix was popular in the 1950s-60s like groovy or so. DONE

badpants* - swim pants -- semi-anglicism for zwembroek: bad="bath, bathing"

blouseje - little blouse -- yes DONE

bloembollenvelden - flower bulbs fields - DONE

denneappels - pine cones? - DONE (dated term)

handgedruk - handshaking (see handdruk) -- see gezwaai; something like a whole lot of handshaking going on. Tiresome...

heimweeërig - little bit homesick

nagelgarnituurtjes - a small set of tools to groom nails.

pochetje -- a small hanky men put in the pocket on their chest of their suit DONE

heel kort - very short - DONE

Words found in Padvindster Literature:

padvinderij - boy scouts and girl scouts (not just boy scouts). - DONE

kabouter - padvinsters for younger girls about age 8-10, equivalent to the Brownies in the USA

padvindstersgilde -- padvindster + s + gilde, organization of girl scouts

Nederlandsche Padvindstersgilde -- Nederlandse "Dutch" in pre-1935 orthography padvindstersgilde - the organization's name

NPG - abbreviation of Nederlandse padvindster gilde. These initial are printed as part of the scouting clover symbol

nieuwelingkaart -- nieuweling + kaart - newcomer's card, not a common word outside scouting

een heitje voor een karweitje - (literally) a quarter for a chore (also an expression: ) the motto and slogan for an action in the 1950s in which the scouts did all kinds of odd jobs to raise money. --currently the info and a photo is under heitje

vendel - equivalent to a girl scout troupe in the USA

wees bereid - "be prepared" a scouting slogan, it appears inside the NPG clover logo